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Mrs. Geosphere: Empowering Women to Create Global Change

Mrs. Geosphere is a groundbreaking pageant created by Rose Campbell, an award-winning publicist, who brings environmental awareness and understanding of sex trafficking to the public forefront in a way that hasn’t been done before. By combining two powerful causes, Mrs. Geosphere is dedicated to helping people make lasting incremental changes in their local communities and inspiring action on a global level. This one-of-a-kind pageant is truly special and the winners will be crowned on March 5th. Millions of individuals around the world are being impacted by these intense social issues, but Mrs. Geosphere aims to provide both education and solution-based efforts to end the trauma caused to both humanity and earths resources as we move forward together into positive change.

What Is Mrs. Geosphere?

Mrs. Geosphere is an international and national pageant platform dedicated to ending trauma inflicted on both people and planet earth. We are focused on inspiring positive global change by empowering individuals to take action through education, networking, and advocacy opportunities available through our platform. Our goal is to bring together activists from all backgrounds who have a passion for protecting our environment while also raising awareness about sex trafficking around the world. 

Who Is Eligible To Participate?

Mrs. Geosphere is open to any woman/girl over 6 years old who believes that every person has an obligation to help make a difference in their community and the world around them. We value diversity in both our participants and our judges, so we encourage people of all backgrounds — regardless of gender or ethnicity — to apply for this pageant!

How Can I Get Involved?

If you are interested in participating in Mrs. Geosphere or learning more about this unique pageant platform, please visit our website at or follow us on social media @mrsgeosphere. The deadline for applications is September 1st , so don’t wait any longer! We will crown our winners during an exciting live event in October 2023 for USA Nationals we hope you can join us!

Mrs. Geosphere is an incredible opportunity for individuals around the world to come together in an effort to end sex trafficking while also saving our planet from environmental destruction. With Rose Campbell’s guidance, we hope that this unique pageant platform can create a lasting impact on global society through education and activism opportunities available through our platform! We invite everyone over 6 years old who wants to make a difference — to apply for this amazing opportunity today! Let’s get started now!

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